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Mary Wilson missed another opportunity, on last night’s Drivetime  (Wed 23rd Nov, 2011), to point out the ‘clear and present’ double standard in RTE’s attitude to their own “rolled heads” as contrasted with those of the Church. The second Drivetime interview with Kevin Dawson, RTÉ’s Head of Corporate Communications, on the subject of the Fr […]


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  A FRIGHTENING DOUBLE STANDARD in RTE’s attitudes to child abuse and the Catholic Church has emerged in the last 24 hours. Following the settlement, at the High Court, yesterday afternoon, of the Fr Kevin Reynolds defamation case, Kevin Dawson, Head of Corporate Communications at RTE, decided to go on the Station’s Drivetime programme to […]

It is hardly surprising if a majority of the messages sent to the Department of the Taoiseach in the two weeks following Enda Kenny’s Cloyne speech, expressed support for the Taoiseach, as reported in this morning’s Irish Examiner. However, this finding does not vindicate the Government’s position. Instead of vindicating the Taoiseach, the finding should […]